Here’s What you Need to Learn About Money

Learning about finances sounds about as fun as studying for a calculus exam. But unlike calculus, learning more about how to manage, save, make, and invest money can be important life skills. Without this information, you could find yourself with extended student loan debt, high car payments, or owing a ton of money and interest to a credit card. That’s why it’s best to start learning about finances as early as possible. EmpowHERto believes that all young people should take time out to improve their financial literacy, especially during this time when many of you are still living at home and have some financial security. We have come up with some resources that are sure to help you gain more education when it comes to money management. This list includes resources from advice to investment options. 

Managing Money: TheMint is a website that provides tools for developing good financial habits that will lead to a more secure future.

Saving Money: The Public Library Association (PLA)’s webpage includes external links to information about Teen Financial Literacy including saving money.

Making Money: Check out this video on ways to make money from home.

Investing Money: Teen Vogue is more than fashion. On this site, Melanie Mignucci, delivers some insight on the best way to invest.