6 Womxn Every Girl Should Have in Her Life

Behind every great woman is another great woman cheering her on! Whether she’s standing by your side through a major change in your life, helping you through a breakup, or coaching you towards your dream job, if you have the right kind of women in your life, anything’s possible. Yes, anything! Here are a few of the types of female roles you need to consider allowing into your life. 

1. A BFF 

She is the one who knows you in and out. You don’t need to explain or even justify yourself. Being the co-pilot of your flight of dreams, she is the one who also keeps you grounded. You will definitely find her standing next to you. Make sure to show her that you appreciate her often by spending time with her and also supporting her goals and dreams.

2. A cheerleader

She is always there to support you and encourage your dreams and always has something positive to say. She is both a life coach and the voice in your head telling you that you can do it. She’s always bubbling with good vibes and she knows how and when to cheer you up in the roller coaster journey of life.

3. A mentor

She is a guide, a teacher, someone who offers valuable advice and can connect you with the right people to take your professional aspirations one step ahead. She has most likely been where you’ve been and can pave the road ahead for you. Search for someone like her if she is not already in your life. She will be especially helpful when starting your first job.

4. A role model

She is a business professional, an artist, or even a celebrity and you simply adore her for being who she is! She can also be a parent or guardian who raised you. She is what you aspire to be one day and you are in complete awe of her accomplishments. Have you found your role model yet? 

5.  A mentee 

Yes, a role reversal! Although you have amazing women in your life to guide and support you, it’s also important to give back to others. Having a mentee is a great opportunity to use what you’ve learned to encourage someone else to fulfil her goals of success. It’s a great feeling when you can help someone else who’s been in your shoes!

6. A fitness partner

You read it right! Someone who pulls you out of your bed and pushes you for one more crunch, or reminds you to make that healthy bowl of oats and blend that delicious smoothie. She inspires you to take care of your health and to stay grounded. Tag your gym buddy and say “thank you!”

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