How to Keep Your Brain Healthy and Fit

Scrolling through Instagram and TikTok it’s easy to spot quick workout routines and healthy recipes to help you stay fit, however what you won’t see is any videos on how to keep your most important muscle—actually organ— strong: your brain. Although mostly water and fat (with some pretty complex neurons and blood vessels thrown in), it’s our body’s control center. It controls what we do, how we do it, how we perceive the world and who we are. Therefore, its important to treat it well and to exercise it like any other part of your body to keep it healthy and functioning at its best.  

These tips and tricks will help you strengthen your brain by improving physical movement, reconstructing habits, becoming more self-aware, and focusing on a healthy diet. 

Move more! Physical movement not only improves immune functions but moving every day also has a powerful effect on your mindset. You don’t need to be doing crazy intense HIIT workouts every morning, going for a walk with your friends or dancing in your living room count too! Just make sure you get up and move everyday. 

Get on a consistent sleep schedule. Teenagers (14-17) should be getting between 8-10 hours of sleep a night, and young adults (18-25) between 7-9 hours. When you are asleep is when your brain has the downtime to replenish your cells and tissues and helps to wipe debris from your brain that can help keep disease away and strengthen your memory. Finding a sleep schedule that works for you and ensures you get your proper number of hours is essential to a happy, healthy brain! 

Fuel your body (and drink more water). Eating a healthy diet of protein, fruits & veggies, and whole grains can greatly benefit your brain health, and also helps to fuel your body! Some great choices are fatty fish (helps with learning and memory), blueberries (contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects), seeds/nuts, green tea (helps boosts brain functions). Find foods that you like and get motivated by trying new recipes that you can make with your friends or family (or both!) and don’t forget that a healthy diet doesn’t mean you need to cut out things you enjoy (like cake or ice cream). 

Try something new. Picking up new hobbies is not only a great way to pass time and feel productive instead of scrolling through TikTok but it actually helps boost your brain functioning. Maybe you and your friends can try painting, or roller skating, or even just sitting at home doing crossword puzzles. 

These are just a few tips and tricks on how to strengthen your brain, but ultimately finding a routine and activities that you enjoy is key. Your brain controls all your body’s functions and helps you process life and the world around you, and working on improving your brain’s health will allow your mind to stay clear and precise, helping you enjoy everyday activities. 

If you suffer from anxiety you may notice you suffer from brain fog or headaches, this is because anxiety and panic attacks release stress hormones into your brain on a regular basis which triggers spells of dizziness, depression, and headaches. Although it won’t necessarily cure your anxiety, incorporating these tips into your everyday life to help strengthen your brain can help tackle it and any other symptoms related to brain health. 

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  1. Dr Ash Diamond says:

    Super accurate info! but we should also encouraged people to eat a lot of seafood, nuts and berries which are high in omega 3, 6, antioxidants, nutrients and phytochemicals that boost our brain power by increasing neurons.

    1. Nia Davis says:

      Thanks for the helpful info. @Dr. Ash Diamond!

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