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EmpowHERto’s New Program: DiscoverME

EmpowHERto’s Health & Wellness program offers a safe place for teens to connect, share stories and lend encouragement. Our program supports self-identifying women and girls in their journey to build their self-esteem and maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to become proactive female leaders in their community.


Start Date: March 4th, 2021
Age: 14–21
Where: Online via Google Meets
When: March 4th, 2021 (1–2 Modules/Week | 30–45 minutes per module)

Program is ongoing; weekly attendance is suggested


The program will offer 10 weeks of personal development. With two modules a week, we want to create a safe, supportive environment to help empower young women to find their true selves and sustain healthy relationships with individuals and communities. Our program features a personal approach to health and wellness. The program will offer four features of support by incorporating therapeutic activities, educational courses, support groups, keynote speakers and wellness workshops.

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Mind & Soul

We will focus on teaching participants to understand their feelings and connect to their bodies and souls. Whether it is spiritually, physically or emotionally, we aim to help broaden our participants’ perspectives on themselves and their life experiences.

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Love Your Body

Participants will get the chance to learn and engage with body positivity. We will dive into personal experiences from guest speakers and participants about how they work to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a positive mindset.

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Self-Love Through Food

Participants will get the chance to join in on our online cooking class, where we will cover easy-to-follow recipes for maintaining a healthy and balanced diet.

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Meet Our Team of Experts!


Neejay Sherman

Published author, public speaker, American model, philanthropist, entrepreneur, former pageant queen, and television personality. Neejay’s work entails profound stories of love, loss, grief, healing and self-love. As an extension of her book, she created her brand to focus on helping men and women find their peace and prioritize their self-care, health and wellness.


Nida Nathani

As a Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP), Nida’s mission has been to give individuals the tools to live the happiest and healthiest lives possible. Nida’s passion for holistic nutrition and wellness began during her early years in university. As she faced the multi-faceted challenges of independent living, she realized that learning how to nourish her body and maintain a balanced lifestyle would put her in a position of optimal health.


Phung D. Tran

As an ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist, Phung has helped young women of colour to implement science-backed methods to lose weight with personalized exercise routines and the joy of eating. Her fitness strategy has prompted her clients to be more health-conscious while continuing to enjoy life as it should be.

Program Coordinator

Lamiya Ahmed

Lamiya is a program coordinator for EmpowHERto and has worked in the  community and social services industry for the last three years. Lamiya has developed a strong sense of devotion to helping her community by creating relationships with nonprofit sectors to engage youth development. Her experiences have given her a deep appreciation for how nonprofit organizations seek to improve the quality of life for the city of Toronto one program at a time.

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Me, Myself and I

We want to know more about our participants and their interests, life goals and life experiences. Introductions will consist of facilitators’ different lessons to ensure a safe and comfortable space for participants to share their experiences throughout the program.

Building Confidence

We will prepare our participants for their future as strong female leaders in their community. We will teach participants how to navigate through negative emotions and doubts.

Express Yourself

Participants will get the chance to learn and engage in ways of being more body positive through dance, music and motion.


Healing is important in recovery. Participants will be allowed to bring a loved one to our session; we believe that love and support from family and loved ones will help reflect hope and the promise of a better tomorrow.

Beauty & Hair

Participants will get to learn self-love practices to help understand their inner and outer beauty. While also learning about hair, culture and the stigma and underlying pressures that may come with it.

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Lamiya Ahmed

Program Coordinator

Arlayna Clarke

Program Manager